Alongside my professional work in commercial translation I pursue an interest in literary translation. I have published the following pieces:


Bertolt Brecht, ‘Deg o Straeon Herr Keuner’, Taliesin 138 (Winter 2009) pp. 52–4 [Welsh translation of a selection of Brecht’s Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner by Seiriol Dafydd].


Michael Roes, ‘As-Samt / The Silence’, no man’s land 6 (2011) read here
[English translation by Seiriol Dafydd].


Ilija Trojanow, ‘Multiculturalism Today: An Address on a Cosmopolitan Culture’, in Julian Preece (ed.), Ilija Trojanow (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012) pp. 15–44 [English translation by Seiriol Dafydd].


Please do get in touch if you need a translation of texts in the field of literature, literary criticism or the arts more generally.



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